A gentle, loving Waldorf preschool in a home setting for 2 1/2-6 year olds


Fall Leaf Crown

When the leaves turn yellow, gold and red we...

Watercolor Painting

Painting tintilates the delight of primary colors...

Creative Imaginative Play

Cooperation, creativity, imagination, beauty,...

Rachel Cooper


14847 W. 49th Place, Golden, Co, 80403

Cindy Medina

9005 W. 68th Ave. Arvada, Co, 80004

Customer Testimonials

A Gift

“I find with every year of exposure to your lovely preschool , that they have received so much more than “education”, which alone is empty. They have received that in it’s purest form, where they are fed in their body, and their spirit and their mind. And then it becomes a gift…not a race to be the best or to succeed. Ahhh that we would gift our children from the beginning with the best gifts…those that do not reside in plastic and wrapped in packaging, that are simple and deep and secure.” Mother to three former students

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