A gentle, loving Waldorf preschool in a home setting for 2 1/2-6 year olds


Fall Leaf Crown

When the leaves turn yellow, gold and red we...

Watercolor Painting

Painting tintilates the delight of primary colors...

Creative Imaginative Play

Cooperation, creativity, imagination, beauty,...

Location and hours of operation

MON-THU: 8:45 -12:45

Customer Testimonials

Singing Children

This is amazing Lois.  Bodhi has never been a fan of singing (he usually yells at me to “stop singing Momma!” but since he has been with you, he loves it.  He talks about singing with you and sings songs throughout the day.  That makes me so happy.  I am SO happy about his time with you and the other children. Mother of Bohdi

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